How To Reheat Cheese Fries: Top 5 Ways To Use

How Do You Make Cheese Fries Crispy Again?

Your cheese fries are much more enjoyable when it’s hot and crunchy. If you have a leftover cheese fry, you must reheat it to enjoy its flavor. However, how to reheat cheese fries requires great thought and some know-how so the fries won’t become soggy.

You can reheat your cheese fries with a convection oven(air fryer), skillet, or refry them. There are several options for you, and since everyone needs access to the same equipment, you will have to choose the best technique. Also, your chosen technique will depend on the number of cheese fries you want to reheat. 

Before your reheat your cheese, make sure it’s at room temperature, so if the cheese fry is inside the fridge, take it out and leave it for up to 60 minutes before you reheat. Keep reading for more details on how to reheat your cheese fries. 

How Do You Reheat Cheese Fries Without Ruining Them

As mentioned earlier, there are several methods to reheat your fries without ruining them. Choose the one that’s best for you below;

1. Use An Oven

Using an oven to reheat your cheese fries is the next best option if you don’t have a convection oven. Make sure your oven is about 450 F hot, get a flat sheet pan, arrange your cheese fries on it, and arrange them in a single layer. Apply some light spritz of cooking spray, flip once while heating and keep it in the oven for 10 minutes. Take it out after, and your cheese fries should be ready.

2. Use A Skillet

Remember that it was mentioned above that the technique you chose depends on the quantity of cheese fries you want to reheat? First, heat two teaspoons of vegetable oil in a large skillet and maintain over medium-high heat. A skillet is the best for small amounts of cheese fries; it won’t work for curly fries. 

A cast iron skillet is the best for cheese fries reheating, allow the oil to shimmer, and then add your fries in a single layer, be careful not to over-fill the pan. Stay around while the fries heat so that you can turn them frequently and carefully; this will ensure that the fries heat through for a crispy result. 

Saute for up to five minutes, depending on your cheese fries’ quantity and thickness. You can use a small quantity of salt, but be careful not to over-salt. 

3. Refry 

This method involves returning your cheese fries to the hot oil where they first came from. With this method, you repeat the cooking method you used to create great cheese fries in the first place. However, this method is energy and time-consuming; you must be very careful and practical. 

Get a deep fryer, put some oil inside, and heat it to 325. Fry the cheese fries for about 2 minutes, drain it, add some seasoning, and you can now consume the fries’ goodness. 

4. Use A Grill Or Toaster Oven

First of all, preheat the grill to a moderate temperature, and place the cheese fries inside a cooking spray pre-coated pan foil. Position the pan foil on the grill plate, leave it there for 20 minutes, and make sure you toss after 10 minutes for a thorough reheating. 

5. Use A Stove

You can reheat your cheese fries with a stove. You can heat the fries in batches if you have many. You need a large, unoiled skillet, and you don’t need to add extra oil because the fries already house some oil. Make sure the skillet is mid-high heat level. 

Put the cheese fries in the pan, toss and flip them frequently and let it heat for up to five minutes or till it gets crispy; the duration depends on the thickness of your fries. With this method, you will get delicious, crispy, and dry cheese fries. 

How To Reheat Cheese Fries In Air Fryer

Using an air fryer to reheat your cheese fries is one of the easiest, fastest, and best options. An air fryer is also called a convection oven, and it always has a strong fan that supplies hot air around the oven, making the process faster and reheated cheese crispier. 

This means that while reheating, your hot cheese fries get hot, dry air, making the outer part of the cheese brown and edible. One thing about cheese fries is that you must carefully heat the exterior; the main reason it’s not advisable to use a microwave. 

The microwave cooks the inner parts and supplies steamy air instead of hot, dry, and crisp air, which results in a soggy fry. An air fryer allows you to arrange your cheese fries in a single layer, heat the oven to 400 F, turn on the convection fan, and heat till the cheese fries get crispy. 

While reheating, flipping, or tossing the fries once while reheating will be a good idea. If you have a smaller air fryer, the only issue is that you will have to reheat it in batches. However, the air fryer is the best for reheating your fries. 

How To Reheat Cheese Fries In The Microwave

Many people will advise against this method because it produces steamy air that makes your cheese fries soggy. However, if the microwave is your only piece of equipment, you can use it too. All you have to do is apply a small amount of vegetable oil to the cheese fries, get a dry paper napkin and arrange the fries on them. 

Place the fries in the microwave; as they get hot, it reduces the amount of oil and steam in them. You only need to reheat the fries for ten minutes, then warm them. Lastly, remove the napkin paper and cheese fries from the microwave pan, put them inside the plate, and let them cool off for about 3 minutes before serving. 

Is It Better To Reheat The Cheese Fries In The Oven Or Microwave

According to popular opinion, reheating leftover cheese fries in the oven is better than using a microwave. The essence of reheating your cheese fries is getting a pillowy interior and a crisp exterior.

However, reheating with a microwave cant give us that outcome. Also, you can get bitter cheese fries if you use a certain oil and reheat it in a microwave. Using an oven, on the other hand, produces hot, dry, and crispy reheated cheese fries. 


You can only enjoy your leftover cheese fries if you reheat them with the right equipment. The oven or convection oven is one of the best pieces of equipment for reheating cheese fries. Check the article to learn about several methods to reheat your fries and how to go about it.

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