How Much Whipped Cream Cheese Equals Regular Cream Cheese?

Can I Substitute Whipped Cream Cheese For Cream Cheese?

If you want to try out a recipe that requires whipped cream cheese and doesn’t have it handy, you can use a regular cream cheese recipe. But, unlike traditional cream cheese, whipped cream cheese is light and fluffy. So, before you use it, you’d love to know how much whipped cream cheese equals regular cream cheese. 

The quantity of whipped cream cheese that equals regular cream cheese depends on your recipe. Generally, one cup of whipped cream cheese equals two cups of traditional cream cheese. So, use two cups if you’re using a formula that requires one cup of whipped cream and you want to use regular cream cheese. 

Although you can use regular cream cheese instead of whipped cream cheese, the result will be different if you mismeasure it. You must do more than measure out one or two cups to use. Each measurement has a procedure, and this article will teach you how to do it better.  

Can I Use Regular Cream Cheese Instead Of Whipped Cream Cheese In Recipes?

Regular cream cheese is thicker and more fatty than whipped cream, but you can use traditional cream cheese instead of whipped cream cheese in recipes. The only difference is that whipped cream is fluffy and light. In terms of taste and flavor, regular cheese offers the same flavor and taste as whipped cream cheese. 

There’s no difference between regular cream cheese and whipped cream cheese. Whipped cream is a product of regular cream cheese. The only difference is that you mix the traditional cream cheese to get a light and fluffy texture. 

Aside from regular cream cheese instead of whipped cream cheese, there are other cheeses you can use to replace whipped cream in recipes. These cheese types work just as well as regular or whipped cream cheese.

Regular Cream Cheese Substitutes

  1. Cashew Cheese

Cashew cheese is a non-dairy cheese made from soft cashew nuts blended to form a paste. It is slightly salty, low in fat, and contains zero cholesterol. It’s a good substitute for cream cheese, but it cannot melt quickly. 

  1. Ricotta Cheese

This type of cheese contains less fat and salt. It has a light and creamy texture, making it a healthier choice and a perfect blend for sugary food like casseroles and other savory meals. As a light cheese type, it’s a good substitute for regular cream cheese. 

  1. Cottage Cheese

This type of cheese contains low fats. It also contains casein protein that helps your body keep your weight loss in check. Cottage cheese and cream cheese have similarities. While cottage cheese contains less fat, it’s not the same as cream cheese. 

So, to use cottage cheese as a substitute for cream cheese, just add a dash of lemon to it, and you’re good to go. 

  1. Greek Yogurt

This cheese type is rich in calcium, which aids in developing healthy bones. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and maintain the sugar level. It is an excellent substitute for regular cream cheese because it gives your meals a good blend. You can use it for your slices of bread, frostings, and other bakes. 

  1. Mascarpone Cheese

This cheese type is made from heavy cream, making it high in fat and creamier in texture. It makes a good substitute for cream cheese. When you want to use it, one cup of mascarpone cheese equals one cup of cream cheese. 

However, food made with whipped cream cheese usually has a grainy and wet consistency, unlike food made with a whole block of regular cream cheese that will be thick and creamy. The reason is that regular cream cheese is made from whole milk and cream, while whipped cream is extracted from it. 

Whipped cream cheese is usually watery. This texture makes them only fit for uncooked food. If you want to cook with cream cheese, then the regular is the best. Due to its light and fluffy nature, whipped cream cheese doesn’t like heat. 

How Much Whipped Cream Cheese Equals Regular Cream Cheese? Measurement Procedure

Whipped Cream CheeseRegular Cream Cheese
0.4 ounces | 1 tablespoon | 11 grams 0.5 ounces | 1 tablespoon | 15 grams
3.2 ounces | 8 tablespoons | 91 grams3 ounces | 6 tablespoons | 85 grams 
0.8 ounces | 2 tablespoons | 22 grams 1 ounce | 2 tablespoons | 30 grams 
1.6 ounces | 4 tablespoons | 44 grams2 ounces | 4 tablespoons | 60 grams 
2.0 ounces | 5 tablespoons | 57 grams 2.6 ounces | 5 tablespoons | 75 grams
4.0 ounces | 11 tablespoons | 113 grams4 ounces | 8 tablespoons | 120 grams
4.8 ounces | 12 tablespoons | 136 grams6 ounces | 12 tablespoons | 170 grams
6.4 ounces | 16 tablespoons | 181 grams 8 ounces | 16 tablespoons | 225 grams 

Note that: If you carefully study the table, you’ll notice that the ounces and grams for whipped cream cheese are less than the one for regular cream cheese. The reason is that though whipped cream cheese is taken from regular cream cheese, it is processed into a lighter and fluffier texture. 

So, the lighter the cream cheese gets, the less fat and thickness. 

Is Whipped Cream Cheese Healthier Than Regular Cream Cheese?

Whipped cream cheese is healthier than regular cream cheese. The reason is that it is processed into something light and fluffy with less fat. In addition, it is lower in calories than regular cream cheese. So, when you want to use cream cheese for your bakes, consider processing it to something light and fluffy that is healthier. 

On the one hand, cream cheese is a product from a combination of cream and milk. This highly concentrated milk and cream make it high in fat content. On the other hand, whipped cream is extracted from regular cream cheese into something light, fluffy, and less fatty. 

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get your cream cheese meal well-cooked in minutes. All you need to do is follow the proper steps and use the correct measurement. This article has explained how and when to substitute regular cream cheese for whipped cream cheese. Whipped cream cheese offers the same flavor as regular cream cheese. If you cook your meal, use regular and if it’s uncooked, use whipped cream cheese. 

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