Can You Freeze Potato Salad: What Happens If You Do?

What's The Best Way To Freeze Potato Salad?

Potato salad is a mash-up of boiled potatoes, dressing, and various ingredients based on individual preference. Mostly eaten fresh, preserving the salad can prove to be tasking. Many have been left wondering, can you freeze potato salad? If yes, then for how long before it becomes an eyesore?

The dish is typical at outdoor barbecues and picnics and is considered a side dish that precedes the main course. You can store potato salad, but we do not advise it. Storing the salad isn’t easy, so potato salads are freshly eaten. 

Many have had weird experiences trying to refrigerate their potato salad, while others have opted for freezing it. Of all the ways of preserving the salad, freezing it is the most popular, but one still has to go about it the right way, or the salad goes bad.

Can You Freeze Potato Salad?

Yes, you can freeze potato salad, but not for long. If you plan on freezing your potato salad, try not to keep it frozen for more than three days. Although freezing stops bacteria action on the salad, it doesn’t stop the Mayonnaise or the sour oil from becoming watery.

On defrosting the salad, you quickly notice that it doesn’t taste as good as before. The Mayonnaise becomes watery, and the potatoes become soggy. Defrosted potato salad is a shadow of its previous self.

What Is The Best Way To Freeze Potato Salad?

Although freezing potato salad doesn’t retain its original taste, it is still the best way to preserve it. It would be best to eat frozen Potato Salad within a few days. In some cases where they have been kept for months, they do not taste nearly as good as when fresh.

Before attempting to freeze your potato salad, we recommend that you remove certain ingredients, like eggs (if your salad contains eggs). If you have to freeze your salad, it is best to know and do it correctly.

Methods To Freeze Potato Salad

We look at two tested but easy methods of freezing potato salad. Potato salads might be challenging to preserve, but with these two methods, you can keep them edible for a few days.

  • Method 1

For this method, you will need an Ice scoop, plastic bags, and sticky labels.

  • Using your ice scoop to transfer the potato salad into clean freezer-friendly plastic bags.
  • Fill the bags with potato salad, leaving a quarter of it empty.
  • Squeeze out the air before sealing the bag.
  • Place in your freezer after indicating the date.
  • Method 2 

For method two, you need airtight plastic containers, Scoops, and sticky labels.

  • Scoop potato salad into airtight plastic containers.
  • Fill till about two inches from the lid.
  • Tightly cover the container with the lid.
  • Place in your freezer with the date indicated.

Can You Freeze Freeze Potato Salad With Eggs And Mayonnaise

Eggs and Mayonnaise are one of the ingredients we advise you get rid of before you freeze your potato salad. They can become rubbery and eventually watery if kept frozen for too long. Like eggs, Mayonnaise will lose its texture and become water when frozen.

Before freezing, remove all the eggs and Mayonnaise because they can ruin your salad by defrosting.

If you plan on freezing your salad, you should put this into consideration during preparations. That way, you can decide not to include eggs or Mayonnaise when making it. Because if included, they reduce the preservation duration of your potato salad.

What Happens If You Accidentally Freeze Potato Salad

Potato salads should, as much as possible, be eaten fresh. They are not meals you want to preserve for a long time. They become watery and lose their taste if accidentally frozen without much-needed precautions. Before freezing your potato salad, be sure to take out time to select certain ingredients that do not fare well.

Do not free ingredients like eggs shouldn’t be frozen with your salad. They become watery, contaminating the food. Salads with Mayonnaise may become discolored and unsafe for consumption even when frozen correctly. 

Potato salads tend to lose their taste if frozen for too long. When frozen, you should consume the salad within three to five days.

Can You Freeze Store-Bought Potato Salad

If you purchase potato salad from the store, we advise you to buy it in a quantity that you can consume immediately. Buying in large quantities with the intention of freezing is not necessary. Store-bought potato salads usually contain so many ingredients to make them tasty. Some of these ingredients do not handle thawing well.

However, if you need to freeze the potato salad you bought from the store, we recommend consuming it as early as possible. At least within 2 to 5 days after freezing.

When making your salad at home, you can make it with the thought of preserving it, but with store-bought salads, you have no say in what is left out or not.

Can You Freeze German Potato Salad

Traditional German Potato Salads do not contain Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise loses its texture to become watery when frozen and contaminates the salad. The lack of Mayonnaise is an advantage german potato salads have over others regarding freezing. 

But this doesn’t mean that german potato salads should stay frozen for too long. Other ingredients in the salad, including the potato itself, can become mushy, with the salad losing its taste. German potato salads may not contain Mayonnaise, but their consumption should be as fresh as possible.


The ingredients used in making potato salads make it a meal that you should eat fresh. If you have intentions of preserving your salad for consumption at a later date, you should consider that while making your salad. Certain ingredients make salad go bad quickly and should best be left out.

Can you freeze potato salad? Our answer is yes, but do we recommend it? Only when necessary. For instance, when you make it in large quantities for a party or dinner. 

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