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Cheese lovers, rejoice! Today we’re exploring the world of cheese that starts with the letter R. From tangy Roquefort to creamy Ricotta; there’s a wide variety of cheese to discover and enjoy.

Cheese has been a beloved part of cuisines worldwide for centuries, and there are hundreds of different types to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of sharp, aged cheddar or soft, creamy brie, there’s a cheese out there for everyone.

Here’s a list of cheese that begins with the letter R.

  • Rabacal
  • Ragstone
  • Ragusano
  • Raschera
  • Raw Brie Style Cashew Cheese
  • Raw Milk Feta
  • Raw Milk Goat Feta
  • Reblochon
  • Red Alder
  • Red Buddy
  • Red Cloud
  • Red Dragon Truckle
  • Red Hawk
  • Re di Pecora Erborinato al Tè Nero
  • Red Leicester
  • Red Windsor
  • Red Wine Rebel
  • Redwood Hill Goat Cheddar
  • Regal Blend
  • Regal de la Dombes
  • Reggianito
  • ReginaBlu
  • Remedou
  • Requeson
  • Reverie
  • Reypenaer
  • Reypenaer V.S.O.P.
  • Reypenaer XO Reserve
  • Rheba
  • Richelieu
  • Ricotta (Australian)
  • Ricotta di Bufala
  • Ricotta di Pecora
  • Ricotta Salata
  • Ridder
  • Ridgeline
  • Rigotte
  • Ringwell
  • Roaring Forties Blue
  • Roasted Garlic Cheddar
  • Rocamadour
  • Roccia del Piave
  • Rochebaron
  • Rofumo (Smoked Fontina)
  • Rollot
  • Romaniae Terrae Pecorino allo Zafferano
  • Romano
  • Romans Part Dieu
  • Roncal
  • Rondo
  • Roquefort
  • Roque River Blue – Special Reserve
  • Rosemary Medium Asiago
  • Rosso
  • Rosso
  • Rosso de lago
  • Roth Raclette
  • Rotwein Bärgler Extra-Würzig
  • Rougette Bavarian Red
  • Rougette Grill Meister
  • Roule
  • Rouleau De Beaulieu
  • Roumy
  • Royalp Tilsit
  • Royal Rebel
  • Rubens
  • Rubi
  • Rupert
  • Rupert
  • Rustico® Black Pepper
  • Rustico® Red Pepper
  • Rustinu

One of the first types of cheese that comes to mind when we think of a cheese that starts with the letter R is Roquefort. This blue cheese, made from sheep’s milk in the south of France, is known for its strong, tangy flavor and creamy, crumbly texture. It’s a perfect addition to a salad or can be spread on a baguette with honey and figs for a delicious snack.

Another delicious cheese that starts with the letter R is Reblochon. This soft, creamy cheese hails from the Savoie region of France and has a mild, slightly nutty flavor with a hint of mushroom. It’s perfect for melting over a baked potato or using in a fondue.

Italian cuisine wouldn’t be complete without Ricotta cheese. This mild, slightly sweet cheese is made from the whey of cow’s milk and has a creamy, smooth consistency. It’s a delicious filling for lasagna or can be used to make light and fluffy ricotta pancakes.

Red Leicester is a type of English cheese with a reddish-orange rind and a firm, crumbly texture. A slightly tangy finish complements its mild, slightly nutty flavor. Grate it over a pasta dish or use it in a grilled cheese sandwich for a tasty twist on a classic.

As you can see, so many delicious types of cheese start with the letter R. Whether you prefer the tangy flavor of Roquefort or the creamy richness of Ricotta, there’s a cheese out there for everyone. So next time you’re in the mood for some cheese, consider trying one of these tasty options. Happy cheese-eating!

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