Does A Whopper Come With Cheese: Everything You Need To Know

Does The Original Whopper Come With Cheese?

The whopper is a hamburger with a flame-grilled 4 oz (110g) beef patty, sliced onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, sesame seed bun, and mayonnaise. A whopper tastes very good because it contains the freshest ingredients, including a flame grill and a quality meaty patty. But then does a whopper come with cheese?

Some whoppers come with cheese, such as American Cheese; however, cheese is an optional ingredient. Other optional ingredients of whoppers include bacon, mustard, guacamole, or jalapeno peppers. All these optional ingredients should only be added to the whopper if the buyer requests it. 

A whopper is massive mainly because of the slices of American cheese. Up to eight slices of American cheese are inside the whopper. Do you need to know more about whopper? Keep reading.

What Comes On A Whopper?

Ingredients such as beef patty, sesame seed bun, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and sliced onion come on a whopper. Most patty is 100% beef, 75% lean, and 25% fat. After you broil it, they tend to break the part. Toast the bun, spread mayo on the crown, lettuce, and two slices of tomato.

You put the Patty on the bottom bun, season it, and you can add cheese if necessary. Moving forward, place four pickles at the top of the patty, followed by three rings of ketchup plus three rings of white onion. Finally, assemble and wrap the whopper. 

Does Burger King Have A Whopper With Cheese?

Not long ago, Burger King introduced the Wisconsin Whopper with eight cheese slices. The Whopper was created to honor the Green Bay Packers in the 2018 football season, and this whopper exists as one of the cheesiest whoppers ever. 

The Green Bay Whopper is one of the popular whoppers with cheese, and it contains the typical ingredients of a traditional whopper, such as flame-broiled beef, onions, ketchup, and so on. However, the eight slices of American cheese make it unique and massive.

Unfortunately, the Green Bay whopper is only available around the Green Bay area for the same price as the traditional whopper. It’s not available for people outside the area. 

Does Whopper Jr Come With Cheese?

The Whopper Jr does not come with cheese. It is the second most popular sandwich. People think it will lack some ingredients because of its size, but that’s not true. The Whopper Jr is one of the best cheeseburgers on the planet.

Since the whopper Jr does not come with cheese, you can improve your burger experience by ordering yours with cheese, and this will increase your calorie count. 

A single slice of American cheese will give you 40 calories, extra pounds of fat, and 1 gram of carbs. Whopper Jr is made with a grilled beef patty with tomatoes, ketchup, lettuce, mayo, pickles, and a slice of white onions on a sesame bun. 

If you want to use the Whopper Jr as a meal, it will come with a small side of French fries or golden onion rings and a soft drink. The Whopper Jr is the best if you are watching calories. Eat your Whopper Jr without cheese, mayo, ketchup, or bun. 

Homemade Burger King Whopper

First, get a pound of fresh ground beef chuck, eight slices of ripe beefsteak tomato, four tablespoons of ketchup, four tablespoon mayonnaise, four sesame seed hamburger buns, four slices of yellow American cheese, one small onion, thinly sliced and 16 crinkle-cut dill pickles, like Vlasic. Below are the steps to follow

1. Light a charcoal chimney and make sure all the charcoals catch fire and have gray ash. Set up the cooking grate, cover the grill, and let it heat up for 5 minutes. Then, clean and apply oil to the grilling grate.

2. While the grill is still heating up, divide the ground beef into four equal balls. Press them into thin, equal patties up to ½ inch bigger than the bubs. 

3. Carefully season the patty by adding salt and pepper, then place it close to the hot grill. Cover and allow it to cool until there is a grill mark. Rotate patties at 90 degrees, and let them cook until juices come from the top. 

4. Flip patties, add American cheese to each top, and send the patties to a cool part of the grill. Toast the burger buns with heat until it gets brown. 

5. Get the ½ tablespoon of Mayonnaise and ketchup and apply it on the bottom and top bun. Also, add a layer of lettuce, onions, pickles, and tomato to the bottom bun. 

6. Send the burger patties to a hot part of the grill for up to 30 seconds so that they can reheat, then put them at the top of the bottom buns. Now you are good to eat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Add Cheese To A Burger?

Some restaurants spend at least 29 cents per cheese slice and will add cheese to customers’ burgers for $1.50 on average. That’s a 417% markup for the creamy goodness. 

How Much Is A Burger King Whopper With Cheese?

Burger king whopper with cheese costs $1,040, and Burger King double whopper with cheese is $1,140. Green Bay Whopper mentioned earlier contains cheese, too. It is only available around the Green Bay Area and costs only $4.49. 

How Did Burger King Start?

Burger King started with James W. McLamore and David Edgerton in 1854 in Miami, Florida. Also, some believe that the franchise began in 1853 with the name Insta-Burger King by a venture by Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns from Jacksonville, Florida. 

Nutritional Value Of Whopper Jr With Cheese

Whopper Jr with cheese contains 364 calories per 165-gram serving; the serving has 19 grams of fat, 19 grams of protein, and 29 grams of carbohydrates. 

Are Burger King’s Burgers Flame-Grilled?

There is no lie about the claim that Burger King prepares its burgers over a flame grill. With a broiler, Burger King stacks frozen patties over the tray and pushes them in while the flame grills inside. If one of the burgers did not cook during the process, you would have to cook another, and the first one would become a waste. If you had driven by Burger King, you would have seen smoke from the roof. That’s the broiler discharging. 


Cheese is an optional ingredient of a whopper; you can only get cheese on your whopper if you specially request it. The common cheese you will find with most whoppers is American. 

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