Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese? Will It Last Longer?

Can You Freeze Store Bought Cottage Cheese?

There are no expert recommendations, but cottage cheese can last up to 10 days if you keep it inside the refrigerator without opening it. After you have opened it, cottage cheese will only last up to 7 days if you keep it inside the fridge. If you have a few cottage cheese leftovers you begin to think, can you freeze cottage cheese?

You can freeze cottage cheese to lengthen its shelf life and ensure it lasts longer. Whether the cheese is opened or unopened determines how long you can freeze it; an unopened cottage freeze can last up to 7 months in the freezer, while an open cottage cheese only has three months. 

You should know that freezing cottage cheese will alter its usefulness, taste, and texture. It loses some of its liquid while in the freezer and becomes chunkier. 

Can You Freeze Full-Fat Cottage Cheese

You can freeze full-fat cottage cheese if you have more than enough. All you need are freezer-safe bags or containers with a strong seal. Many manufacturers advise against freezing full-fat cottage cheese because it can alter the taste and consistency. 

A full-fat cottage cheese freezes best simply because the extra fit ensures that it stays creamy even while in the freezer, and the water and some other components are drawn out. Freezing cottage cheese full of fat is better than freezing fat-free or low-fat cottage cheese. 

What Happens If You Freeze Cottage Cheese

When you freeze cottage cheese, the taste, texture, quality, and flavor change, the freezing process makes the cottage cheese loosen its milk fat. It becomes watery, causing the solid parts to break into crumbles. Freezing also changes the look of the cheese, but it’s still edible. 

When you freeze cottage cheese, the usefulness changes, and in most cases, you will only use a thick, creamy base for recipes such as lasagna, soups, and sauces. After freezing, you won’t be able to eat the cheese by itself or as a dip. 

How To Freeze And Use Cottage Cheese

How To Freeze

To freeze your cottage cheese, you will need a pen and airtight containers or freezer bags. The process is fast and straightforward, but decide what you want to use the thawed cheese for so that you freeze it according to portion size to avoid leftovers. Below are the steps;

  • Divide the cheese into portions and put them inside freezer containers or bags. Knowing what you want to use it for will make it easier to divide the cheese into portions. If you don’t, you can divide them into smaller portions instead of large ones. 
    Backpacks take up less space in the freezer, while containers are easy to clean up. If you choose bags, force out as much excess air as possible. If you choose containers, ensure that it’s sealed properly.
  • Get a pen and note the date you start freezing the cottage cheese, add labels with names, and put them all in the freezer. 

How To Use A Frozen Cottage Cheese

To use a frozen cottage, you will need to thaw it; first, a slow but safe method is to allow it to defrost overnight inside the freezer. However, you will need to put some things into place. For a quick frozen cottage cheese thawing, please place it in cool water, it will only take a few hours, plus there is a low risk of contaminating your cheese. 

Thawing the frozen cottage cheese is unnecessary for some recipes; add a solid portion of the cheese to whatever meal you are cooking. Adding solid cheese will affect the meal temperature, so don’t use it for stovetop recipes. Before using frozen cottage cheese, drain the excess liquid at the top. If the cheese has lost its creamy flavor due to freezing, add a dab of sour cream. 

Cottage cheese is essential to almost everything, including casseroles and cookies; it adds creamy and delicious flavor. If you want to make pasta or lasagna, thawed cottage cheese gives the meal the best possible. For cakes and cookies, apply a little cottage cheese and await magic.

  • Cheesecakes
  • Pancakes
  • Creamy soups

Does Frozen Cottage Cheese Taste Fresh

Frozen cottage cheese can’t taste fresh. It’s best used as a recipe. Cottage Cheese is a dairy product, and when you freeze them, the milk will curdle and lose its water, resulting in a lumpy, less creamy, and less fresh. If you love fresh cottage cheese, you won’t be able to eat it. 

How To Know If Your Frozen Cottage Cheese Is Bad

Now that you know that you can freeze your cottage cheese and learn how to freeze it, you also need to be able to tell if your frozen cottage cheese has spoiled. First of all, if you leave the container inside the freezer for a long time, it can go bad. 

The best and fastest way to detect spoilage is through smell. If you perceive an unpleasant odor from the cheese, it indicates spoilage. Also, if you taste cottage cheese and it gives a sour flavor, it means the cottage is bad. A bad cottage cheese will have water settling over it after thawing. It also has a pockmarked look. 

How To Defrost Cottage Cheese 

Defrosting cottage cheese is more difficult and time-consuming than freezing it. There are different methods of defrosting cottage cheese. Read more details;

In The Fridge

If you have spare time and are not in a hurry, this is the best method of defrosting the cheese. You will have to;

  • Put the frozen cottage cheese inside the freezer for about 18 hours before bringing it out to use. A larger portion of cottage cheese will require up to 2 days if you use this method. 
  • Once the cottage cheese has defrosted, remove all the excess water.
  • If it becomes too dry after defrosting, add a bit of sour milk to give it a creamy texture. 

On The Counter

If you have little time to spare and need cottage cheese quickly, this method is the best for you. Note that if you use this method, you can only use cottage cheese for cooking or baking recipes alone. Below is what you need to do;

  • Bring the freezer bag and containers and put them inside warm or cold water. Warm water will make the defrosting process faster. 
  • To make the cheese defrost faster, change the water every 30-45 minutes. 
  • After defrosting, remove excess water and add sour cream. 

How Long Can A Cottage Cheese Last After Defrosting

If you have thought about how long your cottage cheese can last after thawing, below Is the answer you need. 

  • The thawed cottage cheese will last 3-4 days after defrosting if you allow it to thaw in the fridge by itself. 
  • If you put the cottage cheese in water to defrost it, make sure you use and consume it immediately; it will last up to a day. 


You can freeze your cottage cheese, and the process is easy and fast. However, cottage cheese is a dairy product, and freezing will alter its taste, moisture, and consistency. Don’t expect a smooth and creamy cheese after thawing. 

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