How To Use A Fondue Burner: Step By Step Guide

Using a fondue to achieve all your cooking goals is classy and fun. Probably, you’ve tried using it, and you’re stuck. Also, the manual guide may not help at that moment, and you’re worried about how to use a fondue burner. Worry less! We’ve got you covered. In this article are the pro tips you need on how to use a fondue burner. 

How To Use A Fondue Burner

Before you begin to use a fondue burner, you first need to know how a fondue burner functions. A fondue burner is also known as a chafing dish burner. It provides heat for food by using several heat sources like alcohol, gel, fuel, and tea lights. 

When you fill the fondue burner’s receptacle with any of these lighting fluids, the flame pops up with the help of air that flows through the adjustable lead. A fondue burner makes cooking enjoyable and fast. However, it can be frustrating when you have no idea how to use it. Here’s exactly what you need. 

Directions On How To Use A Fondue Burner

Lighting Up A Fondue Burner

To enjoy your fondue burner to the fullest, you need to know how to light the fondue burner safely.  First, ensure you’re using the best type of fondue pot and fuel – choosing the pot that’s suitable for what you want to prepare will also help you to know the kind of liquid to use. 

How Much Liquid Do You Need To Light A Fondue Burner

You need just about three ounces of fluid which burns for a maximum of 90 minutes to light your fondue burner. The reason is that these fluids are highly inflammable and may cause damage if you overuse them. 

What Is The Best Fluid To Use For A Fondue Burner

Knowing the best type of fluid to use for a fondue burner is simple – know what you want to prepare, and you’ll be able to determine which fondue burner liquid will be suitable.

For instance,

  • A dessert fondue pot is smaller, and you can only use them with unscented tea light candles.
  • A broth fondue pot has a small opening made with steel, and you can only heat them using alcohol or fuel.
  • A cheese fondue pot has a wide mouth that can contain alcohol and fuel-lighting liquid. 

Essential Tips/Safety Measures To Follow When Using A Fondue Burner

  • Always place your fondue burner on a flared surface
  • Keep it away from clothes or other items that may easily catch fire
  • Always use a matchstick to light the fondue burner. Using a lighter may cause a flames explosion
  • To turn off the burner, set it to the lowest intensity, then cover it with the lid. Never use your mouth to blow off the flames. Doing this may cause an explosion.

Warnings/Caution On How To Use A Fondue Burner 

  • Use the fondue burner in a well-ventilated area.
  • Never put the fondue pot inside a microwave for reheating purposes
  • Never leave an empty fondue pot while the burner is on. Doing this can cause an explosion
  • Do not move the fondue burner while it is still burning. Always allow it to burn out completely, then get cold before you move it.

How To Clean The Fondue Burner Set

  • Ensure the fondue burner has cooled down completely before taking out the pot and handle to wash.
  • Remove the pot and handle, and wash them with soap in warm water.
  • Only the fondue pots and handles are safe for washing with the dishwasher. To clean other parts, use a wet and oily cloth.
  • If it has stains, you can clean it by using a stainless steel cleaner. Avoid using a hard sponge to scrub the fondue burner. 

How To Use A Fondue Burner – Step-By-Step Guide

Step One – How To Use A Fondue Burner With Tealight Candles

When making chocolate or coffee, the aim is to get it done without it getting solid, and tealight candles serve the best purpose. Burn it about 2-3 inches from the pan. Doing this helps keep the temperature at a minimal level, and reduces the challenge of having your coffee or chocolate become solid.

  1. Use a stove to melt the coffee or butterscotch ingredients inside a double boiler. 
  2. Transfer the ingredients to your fondue pot.
  3. Place the unscented tealight candle 2-3 inches below the bottom of the pot.
  4. Light with a  match stick.

Step Two – How To Use A Fondue Burner With Liquid Alcohol

  1. Allow the fondue burner to cool down completely before refilling it. Never overfill it to avoid leakage that may cause an explosion.
  2. Fill the base of the fondue burner with 2-3 ounces of liquid alcohol. Ensure to wipe off any alcohol spillage 
  3. Place the burner cover on the top of the base. Once you set it firmly, remove the burner cover.
  4. Use a matchstick to light the burner. To light, strike a match and bring it closer to the lighting holes in the burner. 
  5. To increase the flame, raise the handle high. To reduce it, press the handle low.

Step Four – How To Use A Fondue Burner With Gel Fuel

  1. Place the gel tin on a flat surface and use a flat object to open the lid
  2. Place it under the fondue set and replace the burner lid
  3. Open the air holes and use a  matchstick to light it
  4. Cover the regulator lid on it 

Step Five – How To Use A Fondue Burner With Methylated Spirit

  1. Ensure that the fondue burner is dry.
  2. Measure 2-3 ounces of liquid and put it into the fondue burner
  3. Fill it halfway to avoid leakage
  4. Cover the fondue burner lid and ensure it is tightly closed.
  5. Place it carefully in the fondue burner set, then light it. Please note that it’s not safe to light a fondue burner before placing it in the fondue set. 

What Alcohol Do You Use In A Fondue Burner?

When we talk of alcohol, you don’t use any type of alcohol you can find to fill your fondue burner. If you do that, it could cause an explosion. The best alcohol you can use to light your fondue burner is methylated spirit, ethanol gel, and diethylene glycol. 

These types of alcohol can burn safely inside the house. Aside from that, they have no offensive odor. 

Wrap Up

How to use a fondue burner isn’t as difficult as it seems. All you need to know is the liquid suitable for what you want to cook. With the step-by-step guide in this article, you’re sure to enjoy the experience with your fondue burner. 

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