What Does Gouda Cheese Taste Like

Is Gouda A Strong Tasting Cheese?

Gouda cheese is a very popular cheese from the city of the Netherlands, it has a soft yellow color, and its name represents a class of several traditionally-made kinds of cheese. Gouda cheese can age between 2 months to 5 years; the longer the age, the more the flavor. You might be wondering what does gouda cheese taste like?

Gouda cheese tastes nice, and flavors become more intense as it ages. Young and partially matured cheese has a mild and average sweet taste and a tender texture. Aged Gouda cheeses have a buttery, nutty, reminiscent, or toffee taste and become harder and denser. 

Gouda cheese is one of the oldest cheeses still in existence. Traditional Gouda cheese is produced unpasteurized, while modern Gouda is produced industrially. 

Does Gouda Cheese Taste Good

Each country’s cheese has unique characteristics, textures, tastes, and recipes. Gouda cheese won’t be news if you are Dutch, and it goes through several aging processes that affect its taste.

There are different kinds of Gouda cheese, but generally, Gouda cheese tastes sweet and nutty. The little caramel and butter that it contains give it an extra flavor. As it ages, the flavor and tastes become stronger 

Does Gouda Cheese Taste Like Cheddar 

Cheddar and Gouda cheese do not have similar tastes. While Gouda cheese has a nearly sweet but nutty taste, Cheddar cheese is less sweet, tastes more buttery, and has an overall stronger flavor. You can substitute cheddar for gouda cheese in many recipes, but the difference between the tastes will still be very obvious. 

Does Smoked Gouda Cheese Taste Different

Many people choose smoked Gouda over every other kind of Gouda cheese because of its delicious flavor. Originating from the Netherlands, smoked Gouda is far superior to every other gouda cheese because of its smoky, delicious smoky goodness. Smoked Gouda has a more nutty taste, with average buttery and caramel-like undertones. 

Smoked Gouda cheese is creamier, contains more milk, and has a more pungent taste than regular Gouda cheese. The taste of smoked Gouda makes it superior to other gouda cheeses. Smoked Gouda has 45% butterfat, which is why you will only enjoy it at room temperature. 

What Does Gouda Cheese Taste Like When It Gets Older

An aged or older gouda cheese has a nutty, partially crunchy, buttery taste. You can use older gouda cheese for cooking mac and cheese, pizzas, and paninis or pair it with wine.

Types Of Gouda Cheese

Apart from the regular gouda cheese, there are different types of Gouda cheese with distinct flavors that you should try. Check below for more details;

  1. Smoked Gouda

Smoked Gouda is famous for its thick wheel shape and golden brown color. It has a partially soft texture plus a mild, buttery, caramel-like taste. This cheese can be used in different recipes with Panera bread, and you can best combine it with diced ham, eggs, and fresh chives. 

  1. Truffle Gouda

Truffle gouda is characterized by a mid-firm texture combined with chopped black Italian truffle. It has a unique flavor that can be best described as creamy, nutty, and garlicky, and mostly, people eat Truffle Gouda with beer, liquor, and wine. You can improve your Truffle Gouda by combining it with a few slices of truffles. 

  1. Bacon Gouda

Bacon Gouda has a similar taste and texture to Truffle Gouda but has smoked bacon’s smoky and sweet-savory flavor. You can combine bacon gouda with liquor, beers, and wine. 

  1. Gouda With Cumin

Gouda with cumin is famous for its dark yellow color compared to other types of Gouda cheese. Many people choose Gouda with cumin because of its flavor explosion, and it has a different taste, which includes mid, buttery, sweet, and nutty tastes that comes with a warm spicy taste of cumin seeds. 

  1. Fenugreek Gouda

Fenugreek gouda is popular for its smooth and mid-hard texture. It has a slightly nutty taste and is reminiscent of caramel flavor. Fenugreek gouda is suitable for your digestive system. 

How To Properly Store Gouda Cheese

First, put the Gouda cheese on a coating to ensure it’s clean; store the Gouda in a crisper drawer of your fridge. Cover it with parchment paper, then loosely place it in plastic to keep it for three weeks. Also, freezing Gouda cheese can extend its shelf life. Wrap it inside aluminum foil, plastic, or thick freezer bags. 

Note that the taste and texture of your Gouda cheese will change after freezing it. Frozen Gouda cheese is best for cooking sauce, casserole, or soup. If you get the freezing process right, frozen Gouda Cheese should last eight months. 

How To Know That Your Gouda Cheese Is Bad

Gouda cheese loses its features and gets worse gradually. However, your Gouda cheese will spoil quickly if you don’t store it properly. Below are some signs of spoiled Gouda cheese;

  • Bad Odor

Your Gouda Cheese is spoiled if it begins to give a foul and strong smell. Once you start to perceive these odors, it’s an indication that you need to discard that cheese. 

  • Color Change

A spoiled Gouda Cheese changes color gradually. When you begin to see a darker color on your cheese, it means the cheese is bad. 

  • Moldy Cheese

A spoiled Gouda cheese begins to grow mold gradually. However you can slice the moldy parts and enjoy the rest, but if the mold is in the inner part of the cheese, you should discard it immediately. A moldy Gouda cheese is poisonous. 

How To Use Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese is one of the best melting cheeses, and you can combine it with cheddar to make mac and cheese. Younger Gouda cheese is the best for seasoning salads, and you can combine it with some fruits. If you want to cook with your Gouda Cheese, it works perfectly with casseroles because of its unique taste and melting features. 

Older Gouda cheese goes well with pears or apples; if you want to go extra-creative, you can add it to your pizza, barbecue chicken, and mozzarella.Β 


Gouda Cheese is one of the most loved cheeses in the world because of its versatility in taste, texture, and use. Gouda Cheese tastes pleasantly sweet during its early stage and gets bolder as it ages. Choose the best type of Gouda cheese and enjoy. 

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