What Does Gruyere Cheese Taste Like?

What Cheese Is Comparable To Gruyère?

Gruyere cheese is very popular in Switzerland and is named after a town in that city. The Gruyere is made from whole cow milk aged five months upward, and you can use it to prepare many meals. This cheese has a natural crusty covering and a gentle finish. But what does gruyere cheese taste like? 

Gruyere cheese has a creamy, greasy, nutty taste with a bit of fruity. The taste varies according to age. Young cheeses have more fat and mid sweetness, while older cheeses have acidity, sharper texture, and flavor and can easily peel off. Gruyere cheese has a flavor that’s not too sharp.

You can mix gruyere cheese with many dishes without getting too much. It is a versatile cheese. 

What Cheese Is Comparable To Gruyere

Emmentaler is a good substitute for gruyere cheese, although it has a softer texture and a smooth buttery hazelnut flavor. If you want to make traditional sauces and don’t have Gruyere, Emmentaler is a perfect substitute. Other cheeses comparable to gruyere include;

  • Raclette
  • Appenzeller
  • Fontina cheeses
  • Comte
  • Beaufort
  • Jarlsberg

You can substitute these cheeses with the gruyere on a 1:1 ratio. 

Does Gruyere Taste Like Swiss Cheese?

Swiss cheese is also known as American Swiss cheese. It has similarities with the Gruyere in terms of taste, flavor, texture, appearance, and recipe application. Gruyere and Swiss cheese have nutty, mild, and partially sweet flavors that change with age. They have yellow colors, but Swiss cheese has many holes. 

Gruyere’s flavor is more vital than Swiss cheese; however, the difference only becomes obvious because of age differences. 

What Is Gruyere Cheese Best For?

Because of its enjoyable but not immense flavor, Gruyere cheese is the best for baking. When used, it gives cheese-infused foods such as gratins and quiches a creamy texture and a bit of sweetness. The Gruyere is also a perfect melting cheese. It is the best for fondues and dips, and Gruyere melts perfectly because it has a high water-to-oil ratio. 

The recipe is only complete with Gruyere if you want to make classic cheesy meals such as Croque monsieur and French onion soup.  If you have an event and want to get a cheese board, Gruyere must be on the list because it is an attractive cheese, and the salty, nutty flavor makes it unique. 

Can You Eat Gruyere Cheese Raw

You can eat gruyere cheese raw, but it’s best for culinary applications. You can eat Gruyere sliced or cubed with crackers or crusty bread. The ingredients of Reuben and Cubano sandwiches are only complete with gruyere cheese. 

Try gruyere cheese on cheeseburgers, in cheese sauces, pasta meals, dips, and omelets. 

How To Make Gruyere Cheese

Are you thinking of making gruyere cheese? Follow the process below;

  • Get a copper cauldron and pour whole milk from grass-fed cows.
  • Apply cultures and rennet to create the curd.
  • Cut the curd into small portions and carefully heat it to 135 degrees F, then separate the pieces to drain. 
  • Put the cords into molds and press them for 20 hours while soaking in brine.
  • After three months, put the cheese inside cooler and wetter cellars with a temperature around 59 degrees F. 

So that you can get a better taste of the gruyere, please leave it to age till five months, and some require a tampering time of up to 18 months. Here is the catch, the longer you leave it, the stronger the flavor. 

Health Benefits Of Gruyere

Gruyere cheese has a complete nutritional value; therefore, you can’t deny its health benefits to humans. Gruyere cheese benefits the heart and brain. It contains high protein omega 3 fatty acids known for keeping the brain health sharp, especially for older people. Also, omega 3 has inflammatory resources that keep your heart strong. 

Gruyere cheese also improves metabolism. It contains butyrate, which enhances metabolism and helps reduce body fat, slimming the body down. To build your bones as strong as possible, you need Gruyere cheese. It contains high calcium that enhances body bone building. In addition, Gruyere cheese is essential for immunity and gut health because of its high probiotics. 

How To Store Gruyere Cheese

Opening the Gruyere cheese packet means it has aged and matured enough. The best advice is to store the cheese inside plastic bags or properly sealed containers to extend its shelf life. You can keep it inside a refrigerator but ensure the temperature is around 15°C; any temperature of 40-140°F will enhance bacteria growth. 

Additionally, avoid exposing Gruyere cheese to direct air while storing it. Direct air will cause it to develop mold. If you properly store your Gruyere cheese, you can keep it for eight months. 

How To Know Your Gruyere Cheese Has Spoiled

Get rid of Gruyere when it produces a bad odor and flavor. Your Gruyere cheese is bad whenever mold appears on it. 

Are There Any Allergies Related To Gruyere Cheese

There are several allergies related to Gruyere cheese, they include;

  • Cow’s milk allergy: you should avoid this cheese if you are allergic to cow milk. Neglecting the allergy can affect your health negatively going forward. 
  • Histamine allergy: if you have a histamine tolerance issue, you should avoid Gruyere cheese. Histamine causes colds and coughs, and dairy products like Gruyere cheese are rich in histamine. 

Gruyere cheese is not ideal for vegan consumption, and if you are highly ethical and conscious of animal safety, you may want to avoid consuming this cheese. Pregnant women or lactating mothers should also stay away from Gruyere cheese. It contains unpasteurized milk that can cause listeriosis. 

Can I Add Gruyere Cheese To My Pizza

Because of its melting feature, you can use Gruyere cheese as a pizza topping. The salty and nutty flavor can also add to the overall taste of the pizza. 


Gruyere cheese has a creamy, salty, and nutty taste, but how immense the taste depends on the age. Young Gruyere cheese is rich in cream nuttiness, while aged Gruyere cheese has a more complex flavor. The Gruyere cheese is versatile and can be used to prepare different meals. 

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