Is Daiya Cheese Healthy: Are They Really Plant Based?

Is Vegan Cheese Actually Healthier?

One of the biggest challenges for vegans is getting plant-based cheese to complement their diet choice. So when Daiya cheese appeared on the supermarket counter exhibiting a dairy-free cheese. The excitement that followed was quite loud. However, one question most people ask is, is Daiya cheese healthy

Daiya cheese is not particularly healthy. Its ingredients are processed starch, saturated fat, sodium, and refined oil, giving it the look and feel of actual cheese. Its fat content is almost the same as that of a dairy cheese product. However, it is gluten, soy, and dairy free. 

Some people might feel differently about Daiya cheese, but if you aim to eat healthily, organic plant-based cheese is the way to go. We will go deeper into answering your question about the healthy nature of Daiya cheese. Keep reading. 

What Is Daiya Cheese Made Out Of?

Daiya cheese comprises numerous components, most of our isolated processed ingredients. Almost all Daiya cheese products are not from organic plants but instead processed condiments. They include the following: 

  • Tapioca starch
  • Canola
  • Sunflower oil
  • Filtered water
  • Vegan natural flavor
  • Chickpea protein
  • Tricalcium phosphate
  • Lactic acid (vegan)
  • Konjac and xanthan gum
  • Yeast extract
  • Fruit and vegetable juice color

Potato protein, oil, salt, chickpea, and tapioca starch are the primary ingredients. However, these ingredients vary in the different Daiya cheese types, only interchanging or adding extra to make other products. Daiya cheese contains a macronutrient content of 58% fat, 0% protein, and 42%. 

What Makes Daiya Cheese Unhealthy?

What makes Daiya cheese unhealthy is the fact that all its top ingredients are processed. It has zero fiber content and contains salt. It is not a whole food. Instead, it is a combination of separate food components. 

However, this processed nature does not make it soo terrible because it has some redeeming factors, such as zero trans fat and little sugar content. In reality, Daiya cheese is unhealthy, but it is not detrimental to your health either. 

We cannot rate it the same as heavily processed junk food. It has almost the same nutritional content as actual cheese products. 

Is Daiya Cheese High In Cholesterol?

Daiya cheese is not high in cholesterol. It has no cholesterol content, which is a massive advantage to the product. It is safe for people having issues with cholesterol. On the nutritional label is written 0g cholesterol. 

However, Daiya cheese has high sodium and saturated fat content. These are the main reasons why we consider it not very healthy. If you do not consider these contents a threat to you, then it is an excellent alternative to dairy cheese. 

Is Daiya Cheesecake Healthy?

Daiya cheesecake is decently healthy. It is gluten, dairy, and soy free, and they are many good reviews from people using Daiya cheesecake. The only disadvantage it has is the heavy amount of sodium and saturated oil in the product. 

Daiya cheesecake is creamy, moist, and thaws well when frozen. The crust and fillings make eating it almost the same as eating cream cheese cheesecake. The concept of healthy differs for various people, but on average, it is pretty healthy.

Is Daiya Vegan Mac And Cheese Healthy?

If your expectations of a healthy vegan mac and cheese are very high, then Daiya vegan mac and cheese might not be the best option. Daiya mac and cheese is not very healthy. It contains a good amount of sodium 1750mg and saturated fat 11g in each box.

These amounts are more than half of the required daily intake. There is also the presence of preservatives which might not be as healthy as you would love your food to be. However, that is the risk that comes with packaged food. Suppose you are very much into healthy vegan food. It would be best to cook with organic vegetables to ensure you eat right. 


Is Daiya cheese healthy: Diya cheese is not exactly healthy for you. The processed ingredients are primarily empty calories and high in sodium and saturated fat. These contents give the risk of long-term heart disease. 

Although Daiya cheese may seem healthier than dairy cheese, most people do not consider it better. So if your goal is healthy vegan cheese, you should consider homemade plant-based cheese. 

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