How Long To Cook Salmon At 350

How Long To Cook Salmon At 375

Salmon is a type of fish with many health benefits. As a proteinous food, it is rich in omega-3 and vitamins that keep the body healthy. When you want to cook your salmon, you just want the appearance and taste to blend perfectly, so you’d love to know how long to cook salmon at 350.

How long to cook salmon at 350 varies depending on the thickness and the method you’re using. The minimum time for a thin-sized fillet is 15 minutes, while the maximum is 25 minutes. However, a very thick salmon fillet takes a longer cooking time, but no matter the size of the salmon, you shouldn’t cook it beyond 30 minutes. 

Knowing how long to cook salmon at 350 is essential. You wouldn’t want your salmon to overcook because you desire a perfect taste. In this article are the tips you need to guide you on cooking your salmon to perfection. 

What Oven Temperature Is Best For Salmon?

While the average oven temperature for salmon is 135° F, the recommended temperature by The USDA is 145° F. regardless, this temperature isn’t specific because when baking salmon in the oven, the thickness can also determine the best oven temperature to cook the fillet.  

Regardless of the temperature, you don’t have to cook the salmon for too long because you’re unsure of the best temperature to use. All you have to do is to set your oven to the right temperature depending on the thickness of your salmon because a thicker salmon takes a longer time to bake, likewise a thinner salmon which takes a short time.

It doesn’t matter if you set the right temperature, but you should never turn on your oven, and leave your salmon inside without attending to it.  If your salmon is undercooked, it will be chewy and tough. If it’s overcooked, it will become dry and rubbery. So, always keep an eye on your salmon to prevent it from overcooking.

What Temp Do You Cook Salmon At?

Naturally, you may want to cook your salmon at a higher temperature because of the Vibrio vulnificus and salmonella bacteria it has, but that may deprive you of getting a well-cooked and tasty fish. Regardless of the type of salmon, the medium temperature to cook it is 135° F, while the standard temperature set by USDA is 145° F. 

The temperature can go below or above 135° F depending on the thickness of the salmon or your cooking method. Also, most people do not follow the standard temperature because your fish may likely get before or after the required temperature time. Here’s a quick rundown of the different temperatures you need to cook salmon

  • Frozen salmon – 425 °F
  • Extra-thick salmon – 350 to 400 °F.
  • Thick salmon – 145 °F
  • Farm-raised salmon( firm and slightly thick ) – 125 °F
  • Wild Salmon(usually thin) – 120 °F (this bakes within a lesser period because it has less fat). 

How Long To Cook Salmon At 350?

To the process of preparing the fish and to the cooking time, a perfectly cooked salmon at 350 will take 15-20 minutes to cook. However, it can take a longer cooking time which depends on the thickness of your salmon choice and cooking method.

When well-cooked, the texture should be very soft and easy to cut. You can stop cooking your salmon when it gets to a temperature of 130 F or 140 F. The reason is that once you remove it from the heat, it will continue to bake for a while.

Directions on how long to cook salmon at 350

  1. Prepare The Salmon
  • Start by washing or defrosting it.
  • Peel off the skin if you like it without the skin.
  • Dab it with a clean kitchen or paper towel to keep it dry.
  • Cut the salmon into your preferred salmon fillets.
  1. Oil your uncovered pan or place a foil in it and oil too. (you can also use a baking sheet and spray for this process).
  2. Place your salmon in the pan and coat it with melted butter(you can also use olive oil for this process). To get melted butter;
  • Take a block of butter and put it into a pan
  • Place it over low heat till it melts completely
  1. Place your salmon on the oiled pan or foil and coat it with the melted butter.
  2. Sprinkle salt and pepper evenly, then top with other ingredients like tomatoes, minced garlic, parsley, and cucumber. You don’t have to be specific about the ingredients to use as toppings. Be creative and make it just the way you’d like it.
  3. Preheat your oven to 350 F
  • Cook the salmon in the preheated oven for about 15-20 minutes. 

How To Bake Salmon At 350 F: Step By Step

There are two methods to baking your salmon – baking with the skin still on and baking without the skin. Regardless, the baking method you opt for doesn’t matter. Your main target is just to get the baking process right. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process to help you bake your salmon to something perfect and yummy.

Step One 

Preheat your oven and set the temperature to 350 F

Step two

Oil your baking pan. For this method, you can use three options – using foil, baking in an uncovered pan, or using parchment paper. Both the uncovered and foil-covered pan needs oiling before baking. If you’re using a baking sheet, the right tool to use is baking spray.

Step Three

Before you place your salmon inside the pan, fold the outer edges of the fillets and place them lightly into the pan. You can also use an oven dish to bake salmon at 350 F.  The only setback is that the oven dish may not be large enough to contain your salmon fillet, and you’ll have to cut them into small pieces. 

Step Four

Top the fillets with any toppings of your choice. Toppings like green pepper, tomatoes, lemon slices, minced garlic, and parsley, or come to my sister.

Step Five

Bake for about 15 – 20 minutes until it becomes tender and soft.

How Do You Know When Salmon Is Done?

There are two common ways to know when salmon is well-cooked – a spatula or an instant-read thermometer. As a beginner, you should have your thermometer handy so that your salmon doesn’t overburn. Using a spatula to test when salmon is well-cooked is risky if you don’t know how to get it right.

An instant-read thermometer determines the temperature and tells when the salmon is well-cooked. To test, pierce into the fish with the instant-read thermometer and after cooking for a while. Once it clicks 145 F, just know that the fish is ready for eating.

Asides from using a spatula, you can also use a fork to gently press the top of the salmon to know when it is well-cooked. Some experts even use their fingers to check, but I advise you shouldn’t try that if you’re just starting for the first time. When the salmon is well-cooked, it will become extra soft and tender that once you press it with the fork or spatula, it cracks. 

Here are other ways to know when salmon is well-cooked,

  • Check the color. Raw salmon is usually pink in color. When it turns golden brown, your salmon is ready for consumption.
  • Use a kitchen knife. Just insert the tip into the thickest part of your salmon. If the blade is warm, your fish still needs a little more time to get well-cooked.

In a nutshell, knowing how long to cook salmon at 350 is simple. You don’t need to overcook because you want to kill the bacteria it contains. Just have an idea about the temperature suitable for the size of your salmon fillet, and you’re good to go. 

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