Is Dorito Nacho Cheese Halal

Is Doritos Nacho Cheese Sauce Halal?

If you’re Muslim, you’ve probably wondered whether certain foods and drinks are halal or haram. Halal foods are acceptable and permitted for consumption by those who follow Islamic teachings. However, it is forbidden for Muslims to consume anything that is regarded as haram. So according to Islamic teachings, is Dorito Nacho Cheese halal?

Doritos Nacho Cheese is not halal; it is haram and impermissible to consume because the cheeses in the seasoning are made from animal enzymes.  And the reason for that is that pork is mixed into the original Doritos chips. Also, there is no such Halal Muslim brand that makes chips, snacks, or any other food item. 

The cheese and whey in the “Dorito Nacho Cheese Flavoured Tortilla Chips” are made from animal byproducts, specifically beef, and pork, according to a Doritos customer service representative. In this article, you will find out why Doritos Nacho Cheese is not halal and other important facts.

What Are The Basic Ingredients Found In Doritos?

Natural and artificial flavours, cornflour, onion powder, whey protein concentrate, a variety of enzymes, salt, cheese cultures, part-skim cow’s milk, Romano cheese, buttermilk, monosodium glutamate, whey, cheddar cheese, corn-derived maltodextrin corn, and vegetable oil (or a blend of vegetable oil and peanut oil) are some of the ingredients that can be found in Doritos chips.

Do Doritoes Contain Rennet?

Yes, and some Doritos aren’t halal because they contain animal enzymes. Animal enzymes, also known as animal rennet, are the enzymes that make milk curdle so that cheese can be made. The fact that nacho cheese Doritos and cool ranch Doritos both have a lot of cheese in them makes it clear why they aren’t regarded as halal.

While animals like cows and calves are recognised as halal, how they are killed determines whether they are fit for consumption. For Muslims, if an animal is not killed with an Islamic prayer, the meat from that animal is not considered halal (permissible to eat).

Check the ingredients for the animal enzymes’ source because rennet can come from either pigs or cattle. It is halal if none are mentioned.

What Other Chips Are Not Halal?

The Parmesan and Tuscan Herb Chips from Lay’s are not halal. They have animal enzymes or rennet in them. Lay’s Baked Cheddar and Sour Cream Chips are not halal. Pig or pork enzymes can be found in them. It should also be clear why cheese-heavy foods like nacho cheese and cool ranch Doritos aren’t regarded as halal. 

If you’re looking for halal chips, those marked as Kosher can be a good option as long as there is no alcohol present. However, some chips that are not Kosher may contain pork as a flavouring, so it’s important to check the ingredients carefully. The best choice for halal chips is simple potato chips cooked in vegetable oil and flavoured with salt. 

Most chips are halal, except for those that contain animal fat, cheese made from rennet, or whey protein made from rennet. For example, Doritos contain cheese, but the label doesn’t specify whether the cheese is made without rennet. 

If you enjoy the taste and texture of Doritos but prefer a halal or vegan alternative, you can try the crispy, wavy vegan Doritos, which are free of animal products. In the event that you can’t find them, you may want to look for other vegan tortilla chips that are available in stores. You can enjoy your snack while maintaining your dietary preferences with caution.

What Makes Nacho Cheese Doritos Off Limits to Muslims?

Many of the new flavours that Doritos has introduced over the years are halal. The Nacho Cheese flavour, on the other hand, is not halal because it includes cheddar cheese, which is made from cow’s milk. Muslims are not allowed to eat food or drink beverages that contain pig-derived ingredients. 

This means that Nacho Cheese Doritos, which may contain such ingredients, are not appropriate for Muslims. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the animal enzyme that produces food when reading the ingredient list on any product. It is risky to assume that the rennet used in Doritos chips comes from an animal that was killed in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. is dorito nachos cheese halal? now you know.


Doritos are generally considered haram because of some of their flavours. Nacho cheese and chilli cheese, contain pork or pork-derived ingredients, which are not permissible. There are vegan options free of any animal-derived ingredients. To ensure that you make a halal or vegan choice when selecting Doritos always check the ingredient list carefully before purchasing. 

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