What Temperature Do You Cook Steaks On A Pellet Grill?

Cooking steal on a pellet grill can be a delicious and flavourful way to make your meal. However, the temperature is one of the most important things to consider while cooking steak on a pellet grill. Temperature directly affects the steak’s level of doneness, flavor, and texture, so it’s important to get it right.

We will take an in-depth look at the right temperature to cook steaks on a pellet grill and provide tips and tricks to help you cook the perfect steak on your pellet grill. 

What Temperature Do You Cook Steaks On A Pellet Grill

Cooking steak on a pellet grill can be a great way to get the most out of your grilling experience. However, the temperature you cook steaks will depend on the type of steak, the thickness of the steak, and your desired doneness.

Generally, the best results will come from a higher heat setting. For thinner steaks, you can start with 375 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. For thicker steaks, you may need to start with a higher temperature of 425 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ultimately, it would be best if you always used an instant-read thermometer to gauge the steak’s internal temperature. It is also important to remember that the higher the temperature, the faster the steak will cook. To ensure that your steaks are cooked evenly, ensure you simultaneously cook steaks of the same size.

Factors To Consider When Cooking Steak On A Pellet Grill 

When it comes to cooking steak on a pellet grill, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you achieve the desired results. Firstly, the type of steak you’re cooking will have an impact on the cooking time, so it’s important to choose the right cut for the desired outcome.

Secondly, the grill’s temperature is critical for the success of the steak. Generally, higher temperatures are preferable for searing the steak outside, while lower temperatures are better for achieving a more even cooking. The grill’s temperature will also impact the length of time you cook the steak, so it’s important to keep an eye on the progress of the steak to ensure that it is cooked the way you want.

Overall, here are some of the factors you should consider

1. Thickness Of The Steak 

When it comes to cooking steak on a pellet grill, the thickness of the steak is one of the most important factors to consider. The thickness impacts how long the steak needs to cook, how much heat it needs, and how much charring to expect.

Generally speaking, thicker steaks require more time and heat to cook through, while thinner steaks can be cooked quicker and at a lower temperature. 

2. Duration 

Another factor to consider when cooking steak on a pellet grill is the duration. The time the steak is cooked is an important factor in the quality of the result.

Different cuts of steak require different cooking durations, and the desired level of doneness is crucial when determining the length of cooking time. Generally, the thicker the steak, the longer it will take to cook. 

For thicker steaks, the cooking time should be around 7 – 10 minutes for each side, with you monitoring it to avoid it charring too much, while thinner steaks should take around 3 – 5 minutes for each side.

3. Type Of Meat 

The type of meat is another factor to consider when cooking steak. The cut of steak, fat content, and meat marbling can all affect the steak’s cooking process and final flavor.

When choosing a type of steak, consider the thickness of the steak and the desired texture and doneness. The thickness will impact the amount of time needed for the steak to cook, and the texture and doneness will affect the overall flavor and juiciness of the steak.

Why Should You Cook Your Steak At 400 Degrees Fahrenheit? 

Cooking steak at 400 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for a perfectly cooked steak. The oven’s high temperature effectively cooks the steak, locking in its natural juices and creating a delicious, well-grilled steak.

Additionally, the high temperature helps to cook the steak evenly. Furthermore, 400 degrees Fahrenheit is hot enough to kill off any bacteria that may be present on the steak.

However, when cooking at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s important to keep an eye on the steak to avoid overcooking. Overcooking the steak will result in a dry and tough steak. Additionally, use high-heat cooking oil to ensure the steak is properly sealed and doesn’t stick to the cooking surface.

How To Cook Steaks On A Pellet Grill

Cooking steaks on a pellet grill can be an easy and enjoyable way to make a delicious meal. To get started, ensure your pellet grill is clean and well-maintained, as this will help ensure the best quality steaks.

Step 1: Preheat Your Pellet Grill 

The first step in cooking steel on a pellet grill is to preheat the grill to the desired temperature. The grill should be set to about 375 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Let the grill preheat for about 10 – 15 minutes to ensure it is at the desired temperature before adding the steak. Always keep the lid of the pellet grill closed while preheating.

Step 2: Preparing Your Steak 

While your grill is preheating, the next step is to prepare your steak for grilling. To begin, let the steak come to room temperature. Once the steak has reached room temperature, season it with a combination of salt, pepper, and any other seasonings of your choice.

For added flavor, you may also consider marinating the steak before grilling. Once the steak is seasoned, place it on the preheated pellet grill and cook it to your desired temperature.  

Step 3: Plan The Cooking Time 

Make sure you have an accurate estimate of how long the steak will take to cook, and make sure you factor in any additional time needed for pre-heating the grill. Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the steak, and be sure to keep an eye on the grill temperature.

You may have to adjust the temperature as you go to ensure the steak is cooked to your desired level. 

How Long Does It Take To Cook Steak On A Pellet Grill 

Cooking steak on a pellet grill requires some patience and precision. Generally speaking, it usually takes between 15 to 20 minutes to cook a steak on a pellet grill. However, the exact amount of time it takes to cook a steak on a pellet grill will depend largely on the steak’s thickness, the grill’s temperature, and the steak’s desired doneness.

It is recommended to cook a well-done steak on the pellet grill at a temperature of 350 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 7 – 10 minutes, flipping the steak every 5 minutes or so. For a medium steak, a lower temperature of 250 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit should be used, and the steak should be cooked for less than 10 minutes.

Is Using A Pellet Grill Good For Steak?

Yes, pellet grills are a great way to cook steak, providing convenience, taste, and versatility. Pellet grills use wood pellets as fuel, which offer a unique smoky flavor that can’t be achieved with any other method.

Not only do they provide a delicious taste, but they are also incredibly easy to use and maintain. With digital controls, you can easily set the temperature to your desired level and cook your steak to perfection.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Pellet Grills To Cook Steaks?

Cooking steaks on a pellet grill can be very beneficial. Firstly, pellet grills offer a unique flavor that cannot be obtained from other cooking methods. This flavor comes from the wood pellets used in the grill.

Also, a pellet grill’s even, consistent heat distribution can help you cook a steak to perfection every time. Additionally, pellet grills offer precise temperature control, allowing you to cook steaks perfectly.


Cooking steak on a pellet grill can be a wonderful way to get delicious and smoky flavors, but the most important part is getting the temperature right for the perfect result. With a pellet grill, it’s important to be mindful of the temperature that you set it at to get the desired texture and doneness.

The temperature you should use to cook steaks on a pellet grill will vary depending on the cut of the steak and how you like your steak cooked. We‘ve provided helpful tips and solutions to help you get the perfect temperature each time you want to grill a steak using a pellet grill.

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