10 Best Cheeses For Tacos

What Kind Of Cheese Do Mexican Restaurants Use For Tacos?

Tacos are exceptionally flexible meals that may be paired with whatever in case you’re adventurous enough. If you feel like pushing the proverbial envelope of taco creation, here are some awesome cheeses from everywhere to include in your taco recipe.

Determining which cheese to place on the top can be complicated. Cheese can make or smash a taco, so you must get it proper to hold your eaters glad. Nobody wants a frustrated and hungry crowd at home, after all.

Those cheeses offer unique flavors, tastes, and different dietary qualities. We will start with the maximum simply available ones before moving to a few greater conventional or long way out choices.

What Cheeses Can I Use For Tacos?

Cheese is one of the most important components of a taco. It adds flavor and texture and can help you determine what kind of taco you are eating. Many kinds of cheese work well in tacos, but some stand out. This article will show you the best cheese to make an amazing Taco.

1. Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar is arguably one of the best cheeses for a taco. You can hardly go wrong sticking to the basics. Cheddar cheese, mostly medium cheddar, has a certain creaminess and tang that compliments taco fillings greatly.

You can add melted or unmelted cheese to your taco. A sizable heap of cheddar will go a long way, but make sure the amount is not too much, as too much of it will make your taco overly liquid and gooey.

To spice up and enhance the flavor, you can add additional toppings like spicy crema, pickled carrots, ground beef, or even jalapenos. Cheddar is used on tacos because it adds flavor and saltiness to the dish. It also works well when melted into quesadillas or grilled cheese sandwiches!

2. Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is another wonderful option for making tacos; it pairs well with delicate meat like turkey, beef, or chicken. It has a nutty, sweet, mild, and earthy taste which is a big hit in your tacos. This entirely motivates people to keep wanting more of it.

Swiss Cheese is a popular choice for tacos because it melts well and has a mild flavor that goes well with other ingredients. It can be found in most grocery stores and specialty cheese shops. Swiss Cheese can be consumed raw or cooked, but if you want to make tacos, it’s best to use a cooked version.

Although swiss cheese is not as creamy as other cheeses, it is still a nice option for making your tacos. You can add toppings like pulled chicken, radishes, or roasted tomatillos alongside your swiss cheese to make a delicious taco for a more adventurous taste.

3. Feta Cheese

Feta cheese may not be your favorite for a taco, but it goes down well with multiple toppings in making tacos. Feta is crumbly with a tang and lighter taste than many kinds of cheese. Feta is a good dancer with toppings like beef, chorizo, and other delicate meats.

Feta is a salty, crumbly cheese in Greek salads and pizzas. It has a tangy flavor that’s good with other strong flavors like garlic and onions. Another good additional topping is pineapple. Although it may not suit every dinner, it complements other toppings to bring out the savory flavor in tacos.

Feta cheese can be used for both soft and hard tacos. You can use it as a filling or topping in tacos. It also pairs well with meat dishes like beef or chicken. The best thing about feta cheese is that it doesn’t require any special preparation before you use it in your tacos. You need to slice the feta cheese into small pieces and add them to your tacos.

Unmelted feta with tangy, salty, and slightly salty tastes is best for making a taco. Although feta cheese may not be everyone’s favorite cheese for a taco, it is a unique form of topping for the adventurous.

4. Mozzarella Cheese

It might seem weird putting mozzarella cheese on your Mexican taco, but trust me, it works perfectly. Mozzarella has a smooth texture with a mild, sweet, and earthy taste. It is known for its gooey and watery nature, so make sure your toppings complement this feature.

Mozzarella is a good cheese on tacos because it’s soft, stretchy, and melts well. It’s also mild enough that it doesn’t overpower the other toppings. You can add rich, delicate meats like sauteed beef, chorizo, or chicken with a pinch of mozzarella cheese and fresh vegetables to make a delicious taco. However, add toppings like sauteed chard, hominy, or hard chorizo.

5. Cotija Cheese

Cotija cheese is a hard cow’s milk cheese from Mexico. It has a dry and crumbly texture, perfect for sprinkling on tacos, salads, or soups. It also melts well for quesadillas and nachos. Cotija pairs well with milder cheeses like Chihuahua or Monterrey Jack.

Cotija is perfect for tacos because it’s so versatile. The cheese melts well when heated to use in your favorite quesadillas, nachos, and more. You can also use Cotija to top off your tacos. You can melt the cheese over the top of your taco or give it an extra sprinkle before serving.

Cotija has a versatile flavor, and due to its versatility, it complements a lot of toppings. This cheese will perfectly match chicken, beef, or even vegetable tacos. And you have to have at the back of your mind that Cotija cheese does not melt, so you don’t have to waste your time putting it in the oven or grill. You need to crumble some on top of your taco, and you are good to go.

6. Oaxaca Cheese

Oaxaca cheese is also a Mexican cheese with a similar taste to the Monterey jack. Oaxaca cheese’s specific consistency corresponds to a stringy cheese like mozzarella, Oaxaca cheese is mostly eaten as a snack due to its rich flavor.

Oaxaca is a stringy, crumbly white cheese made from cow’s milk and popular in Mexican cuisine. It’s similar to mozzarella and ricotta but has a distinct flavor that makes it perfect for tacos.

The flavor of Oaxaca cheese is complex, with notes of grassiness and tanginess along with a buttery finish. The texture is creamy and smooth, with enough stretch to hold its shape when melted or cooked at high heat. It melts perfectly on tortillas or nachos without becoming greasy or runny like other cheeses do when heated.

Like mozzarella cheese, Oaxaca cheese can also be used as a finishing touch for tacos. You can add a heap of Oaxaca cheese to your taco to enhance the taste and the overall flavor.

7. Anejo Enchilado

Anejo Enchilado is the perfect cheese for tacos. Its smooth, creamy texture and slight tanginess make it a great complement to any taco filling. For example, Anejo Enchilado goes perfectly with chicken, steak, and shrimp tacos. And don’t forget about nachos! Anejo Enchilado on nachos is like a dream come true.

Anejo Enuchilado is an aged Mexican cheese with a delicious, crumbly, and rich flavor. When it is rolled in paprika during preparation, it often turns red on the outside. This process adds a wonderfully smoky and spicy flavor to the cheese and, in turn, takes it to a higher level when it comes to taste.

Anejo Enchilado often rests on top of Mexican delicacies like burritos, quesadillas, and tacos; why? Because it is entirely incredible and delicious. If you love tacos, then you should try Anejo Enchilado on your tacos. It has a mild flavor with just the right amount of saltiness and spiciness. Anejo Enchilado has a smooth texture that melts well when baked or grilled. You can use it in soups and salads as well.

8. Queso Fresco

Queso fresco is a fresh Mexican cheese. It is relatively moist, crumbly, and soft, just like ricotta cheese or feta, making it perfect to be sprinkled on top of tacos. It is a dairy product, where each variety varies in saltiness.

Queso fresco is a fresh, crumbly Mexican cheese often served alongside tacos. It has a mild flavor similar to feta or ricotta and can be used instead of either cheeses.

Queso fresco is great on its own or with other toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado. It’s also good with ground beef or chicken to make your tacos a little heartier.

Queso fresco is made from whole milk and salt, which gives it a distinctively smooth texture. The cheese has a tangy flavor pairs well with other fresh ingredients like avocados or cilantro. It melts quickly when heated, so it’s ideal for topping tacos or nachos.

9. Chihuahua Cheese

Chihuahua cheese is a Mexican cheese made from cow’s milk and has a firm texture. It has a mild, nutty flavor, and it’s often used in quesadillas and other Mexican dishes.

Chihuahua cheese, or Queso Menonita, has a flavor similar to Monterey jack or mild cheddar. It fills top Mexican dishes like chiles, Rellenos, tamales, and tacos.

You can use it as a garnish or melt it into a quesadilla and pour it on top of the taco, nachos, and other Mexican dishes. The cheese melts easily at low temperatures, making it ideal for use in tacos and other dishes prepared in a skillet or on the stovetop.

10. Queso Asadero

Queso asadero is a Mexican cheese native to the state of Jalisco. It’s known for its smooth texture and creamy taste and is popular among taco lovers. Queso asadero is made from cow’s milk and has a salty flavor. It melts well and has a stringy texture when melted.

If you’re making tacos or enchiladas, you can’t do much better than a good queso asadero. When melted, Queso fresco is similar to mozzarella in its stringy texture, but the flavor is quite different. Queso fresco has a more tart and tangy flavor than mozzarella, which can be good or bad, depending on your personal preference.

Queso asadero is a nice option for making tacos. It can serve as a garnish, melted and poured on top of the taco, or you can melt it into quesadillas.

The best cheeses for tacos are, arguably without a doubt, all of the above. These cheeses complement perfectly with almost all the toppings for making tacos. Although these cheeses are somewhat affordable, some of them are very rare.

Consider savory and semi-soft cow’s milk cheese next time you look for the perfect cheese for a taco recipe. It makes for the creamiest, most flavorful tacos and will please your pickiest eaters. If you want to branch out and try something new, why not try these cheeses? Just remember to pre-slice them so they’ll be ready once the corn tortillas are soft enough to fold. The more toppings you add, the better you can appreciate how well these cheeses go with tacos.

For an optimal result, stick to the cheeses mentioned above, add them to your tacos, and you will not be disappointed!

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