How Long To Bake Chicken Drumettes At 400?

Drumettes, or chicken drums, are one of the most loved cuts of a chicken. Because it’s meatier than other parts of the wings, many of us prefer it to flats.

When craving some chicken drums, you may want to make it at home with the help of your kids. The best temperature to bake chicken drums is 400. It gives you a crisp outer crust, and a juicy inside that will fill your mouth with lots of flavors and health benefits. 

While the best temperature is 400, what is the perfect time to bake the drums to achieve this juiciness? Look no further than drumettes to achieve that easy and quick snack or appetizer.

Cooking it for less time will make the meat undone while overcooking will make it dry and, worse, burn it. What is then the right time for baking drumettes at 400?

How Long To Bake Chicken Drumettes At 400?

Many drumettes lovers everywhere have this question in mind. Is the answer simple? No. This is because the cooking time for drums varies depending on the size of the wings, the temperature in the oven, and if the wings are thawed or frozen.

Generally, chicken drumettes should be baked for 40-60 minutes. It is important to note that drumettes continue cooking even after being out of the oven.

If the drums were frozen, you would cook for an extra 5-10 minutes i.e. an extra 20-30% more time. If they’re partially frozen, they will not need to bake longer. When baking, it is important to check periodically to make sure they are evenly cooked to avoid overcooking or burning them.

Chicken drums baked at 400 for 40-60 minutes will give you the right amount of yummy treat you crave.

How To Bake Drumettes at 400?

Chicken drums are healthy, delicious, and one of the easiest to make cuts of chicken. It can serve as an appetizer or a side dish to the main meal and can be enjoyed by all age groups.

They are perfect for birthdays, parties, baby showers, game days, get together, or a picnic. There are countless ways to cook chicken drums, but baking at 400 is the best. When baking your drumettes at 400, here are 4 steps on how to go about it successfully;

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 400.

Step 2: Wash, clean, and prepare with all your seasoning and marinades of choice and to taste.

Step 3: Place the drums on a baking sheet or baking pan. Before placing, spray some cooking oil on the sheet or pan to prevent the drums from sticking. You can use foil paper or parchment paper.

Step 4: Bake for 30 minutes or until they’ve all cooked through

Step 5: Serve with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy.

How Can I Reheat Drumettes?

We may have bought a bit too much that we can finish at a go. No one will want to throw out those juicy drums. You may keep them overnight to eat them the next day. It’s the next day, and you mostly prefer your drumettes hot.

How can you reheat them to maintain the right amount of tenderness as though they’re fresh? Below are some tips I used when reheating my chicken drums

  • Preheat your oven to 375 and bake them for 10-15 minutes, depending on the quantity. After that, you’ll have hot, crispy drums ready to satisfy your craving.
  • Another excellent option is to microwave the drums on high power for 2-3 minutes. Place them on a microwave-safe plate or a paper towel and heat until they’re hot (2-3 minutes). However, the time may differ depending on the quantity.
  • Pan-frying is another good option for reheating your drums. Set your pot with vegetable oil on medium-high heat and fry until they are crispy. Do not go away from the pot to avoid over-frying and getting those delicious drumettes burnt.
  • If the drums have been fried and then refrigerated, heat oil in a pan to 375, add the drums and fry for 2-3 minutes on each side. You’ll have hot and crispy drums to enjoy for the day.

Whichever method you use, be rest assured you’ll enjoy those drums as though they were just made.

How to Store Leftover Drumettes

After dinner or a party, chances are you may have some leftover chicken drums. The last thing on your mind is to discard them in the bin. You may want to store them to use some other time. How can you store them to keep them fresh? Here are some tips;

If they’re hot or warm, keep them cool before storing them. Storing it without letting it cool down will make it stale.

  • Cover the wings in marinade or sauce to prevent them from drying.
  • Place them in a covered or airtight container.
  • Refrigerate them. They can last for 4-5 days.

If you want to keep them for longer (months), freeze them in the freezer. Thaw them and reheat them according to our amazing reheating tips when you want to eat them.

If you haven’t been prepared (raw), clean the leftovers and put them in the freezer. You can always take them out, thaw them for a few hours in cold water and use them. They can last for months.

Tips For Making The Perfect Drumettes

Whether watching a football game or a Netflix series with friends, there’s nothing better to munch on than some homemade chicken drums. Most people may prefer buying from restaurants because making them yourself can be tricky to get right. Here are some of the tips that help me get the perfect chicken drumettes every time;

  • We all know that all drums are not equal. First off, you have to choose the right drums that are meatier. This will give you a crispy outside and a meaty inside after baking or frying. It’ll easily fill you up as well.
  • After washing the drumettes, ensure you dry them out to remove excess moisture so they can cook evenly.
  • Prepare a flavorful sauce because no one likes regular old chicken drums. Season the drums well before cooking to add flavor for a more juicy and delicious meal.
  • Line the pan and spray it with oil for easy cleanup after cooking. Line the bottom of the pan with a baking sheet or foil paper. It will help catch the excess fat, give you an easier cleanup, and prevent the drums from sticking to the pan.
  • Cook your drumettes at a high temperature for even cooking. It also reduces the greasiness and makes the drums crispy and yummy.
  • It is easy to overcook your drumettes if you’re not careful, leaving them dry and less juicy. When baking, please keep a close watch and remove them immediately after they’re done. The best time to cook them is 3&4 minutes per side. If you’re not sure, use a thermometer to check.
  • It would be best to balance the chicken and the sauce to get the perfect drums. Try out different sauces until you get a favorite-there are a wide variety of sauces to try out (BBQ sauce, mustard, honey, hot sauce, and many more).
  • After getting everything right, the wrong cooking method will only ruin all your effort. There are different ways to cook drumettes, but my favorite is in the oven. Simply Preheat the oven to 400 and bake for 40-60 minutes, and you are good to go.
  • To enjoy the rich, delicious flavors, serve them while they’re still hot. Leaving them to cool down will make them less crispy.

Difference Between Chicken Wings Flat and Drums

While some people’s favorite orders are hot wings in all flats, some for the whole wing while others prefer all drums. What is the difference between these normal chicken wings and Drumettes? Below are some of the differences between chicken drums and wings flats

1. Quantity of meat

Flats contain less meat than drums, although the meat in the flat is easier to remove from the bone due to lack of cartilage. If you are big on meat, you may want to go for drums rather than flats.

2. Dipping

Eating flats is usually a two-handed operation, except if you want to eat the whole wing. Drums, on the other hand, are easier to dip into any cup of dressing or wing sauce with just one hand for easy snacking.

3. Size

Drums are larger than flat. With the amount of meat and cartilage that are concentrated at one end. On the other hand, flats have less meat with no cartilage.

What Are The Healthy Benefits of Chicken Drumettes?

Not only are they delicious, but chicken drumettes are also packed with loads of healthy benefits. They are high in protein and low in calories. It is the perfect snack when looking for a healthy snack.

Drumettes contain all the essential amino acids the body needs, making them a good choice for people trying to maintain weight. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals. Let’s look into more details of the healthy benefits of these delicious snacks:

1. Protein

Protein is essential for building muscles and improving our overall health. Drums are a good source of this essential nutrient.

2. Vitamins

Chicken drumettes are a good source of vitamin A and Vitamin B6. Vitamin A is important for improving eye health, and Vitamin B6 is important for preventing diseases and maintaining overall well-being. Other essential vitamins include niacin, vitamin D, and so many more.

3. Minerals

It contains a good amount of zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. These minerals help to boost immunity, prevent illness, and aid in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body.

4. Omega-3 

Pasture chicken drums are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can have ten times more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon. These essential fatty acids are good for brain, gut, and heart health.

Drumettes are also a good source of antioxidants which helps prevent the body from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. The low-fat content makes it a healthier option than other chicken parts. For a healthy snack satisfying your hunger, drumettes are a great option. They’ll satisfy your appetite and give your additional health benefits.

Juicy Chicken Drumettes With BBQ and Garlic Sauce Recipe

This is an easy recipe you can try at home. All you need are the ingredients and the mood for the chicken drums.


  • 2 pounds chicken drumettes
  • 2 minced garlic cloves
  • ½ cup BBQ sauce
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp chili powder
  • ¼ tsp black pepper
  • ¼ paprika
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbsp olive oil


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 and line the baking sheet with foil paper and a wire rack on top
  2. Mix the BBQ sauce, salt, garlic, and other dry ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Place the drumettes in a ziplock bag and pour the BBQ sauce mixture inside the bag.
  4. Seal and massage the drums until they’re fully coated with the sauce
  5. Place the drumettes on the wire rack and drizzle some olive oil and butter
  6. Bake for 40-60 minutes or until they are cooked through
  7. Serve hot and enjoy with your favorite dipping.


Generally, bake your drumettes for 40-60 minutes at 400 to achieve the right crisp and juicy inside you want.

However, it is important to note that the time may vary depending on the size of the chicken drums; ensure to keep an eye on them to prevent them from getting burnt.

If the drumettes have been frozen before, cook them for 20-30% longer. Whatever sauce you’re using for the drumettes will fill you with loads of flavors. Now that you know the right time to bake chicken drums at 400, why not make some for yourself and your family? Waste no further time and get cooking. 

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